Inventory Management

Inventory Management includes the processes, governance, policies, standards and tools that consistently define and manage the critical data of an organization to provide a single point of reference. The data that is mastered may include master data, reference data, transactional data and analytical data.

Organizations with solid data strategies, principles and a clearly defined roadmap for data maintenance are well positioned to address the ongoing diversity of data sources and delivery needs.

You have many options related to master data tools and architecture, and choosing the right ones for your company can determine future development - so can their deployment and maintenance.

Carrothers Associates works with you to develop a strategic plan for your master data requirements for your enterprise. Carrothers Associates will also review your current MDM program and develop a plan that maximizes your master data needs. We can offer resources to help blend Data Stewardship, Architectural Design, Data Mapping and service-oriented-architecture (SOA) integration skills to ensure the successful deployment of your Inventory Management and Governance solution.