Supply Chain Planning and Project Management

Carrothers Associates knows that implementing, upgrading or managing an SAP project is not the core work of most companies. When you are sitting at the table negotiating with your implementing partner Carrothers Associates would like to be there providing an objective view point and the understanding of the SAP system instead of the sales pitch that can be made for unprepared companies.

The SAP suite of offering is a buffet of tools and processes. Your company needs should be based on what your company requires and not every transaction SAP provides. A complex solution is not the best solution if your business does not require it. Carrothers Associates can help guide you through the SAP maze to find the best path for you in determining your business needs and planning those SAP needs accordingly.

Once you have your project in motion, Carrothers Associates can be an extra set of eyes and ears for your project. Providing SAP project management advisement Carrothers Associates from its many years of project work can make sure the staffing levels are correct for your project and that the project is being managed correctly from an SAP expert point of view instead of the consulting company's bottom line.

Too often project signs were missed along the way that could have prevented the all too often bad project implementation once Go-live occurs. Carrothers Associates can assist in helping your project management team be prepared for the expected project issues that will arise on any project at a time where they can be corrected.

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